Eden Products
Eden products are manufactured by Eden Refrigeration Manufacturing (Jiang Su) Co., Ltd. (ISO9001:2015) and produces international quality Heat Exchangers using the latest design and heat transfer technology producing a wide range of Unit Coolers, Brine Coolers, Condensers and Custom Coils for Commercial, Industrial and Marine applications.  All Unit Coolers and Air-Cooled Condensers are CE certified and in compliance with the listed European Directives EN 60204-1:2006+A1:2009
Elite Products
ELITE products are now designed according to ANSI, API, GB and other standards and widely used in low temperature storage, food processing, slaughtering processing, chemical, agricultural products processing, cold chain logistics, hospitals, supermarkets and other fields.

Far East Group Limited (FEG) in Singapore provides value added services like assembly of condensing units and rack systems which provides high quality reliability and assurances for installers and end users

Condensing Units

Heat Exchanger

Rack System